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BuddyTV 8/4/08 The Mole 5: Episode 9 Recap
Zap2It 8/4/08 'The Mole': Tick, tick, tick... boom
Celebrity Spider 8/4/08 The Mole: And Then There Was Three! Tonight on ABC
Reality TV Magazine 8/4/08: The Mole: The Final Three!
Reality News Online 8/4/08 The Mole 5: If I Were the Mole, Episode 8
Reality TV Fans 8/4/08 The Mole Recap - You Didn't Have To Mole It Up That Bad!
TV FunSpot 8/4/08 I'm the Mole! - Karma's a Bitch... but so is Paul!
Reality News Online 8/1/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 8: Choose Your Victim
RealityShack 7/31/08 The Mole, Season 5, Episode 8 – The Final Four Exemption
Fans of Reality TV 7/31/08 Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 8
Fans of Reality TV 7/31/08 Recap : Walking The Plank
Reality TV World 7/30/08 Exclusive: Paul Grassi talks about his 'The Mole' experience
Reality TV World 7/29/08 Paul Grassi becomes the ninth player executed from 'The Mole'
Reality TV Magazine 7/29/08: The Mole: Nicole gets shot!
Reality News Online 7/29/08 The Mole 5, Episode 8: Going All In
TV FunSpot 7/28/08 I'm the Mole! - Episode 7: The Crazy, the Lazy, the Screamer, the Teamer
Reality News Online 7/28/08 The Mole 5: If I Were the Mole, Episode 7
Zap2It 7/28/08 'The Mole': One last exemption
Fans of Reality TV 7/27/08 Recap: Reunited and it Feels So Good
Celebrity Spider 7/25/08 The Mole: I Got you! Next Week On ABC
Reality News Online 7/25/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 7: I Quit
Reality TV World 7/23/08 Exclusive: Clay Cauley talks about his 'The Mole' experience
RealityShack 7/23/08 The Mole, Season 5, Episode Seven – Omarosa Lives!
Fans of Reality TV 7/23/08  Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 7
Reality News Online 7/23/08 The Mole 5, Episode 7: Two If By Mole
Reality TV World 7/22/08 Clay Cauley becomes the eighth player executed from 'The Mole'
Reality TV Magazine 7/22/08: The Mole: Reunited!
Reality TV Fans 7/22/08 Beyond Reality - The Mole Recap 7/21/08
BuddyTV 7/21/08 The Mole 5: Episode 7 Recap
Celebrity Spider 7/21/08 The Mole: How Well Can You Remember! Tonight On ABC
TV FunSpot 7/21/08 I'm the Mole! - Episode 6: You're off the Mole, now you have no excuse not to Get A Job!
Reality News Online 7/21/08 The Mole 5: If I Were the Mole, Episode 6
Fans of Reality TV 7/20/08 Recap: Thowing Whine and Leap Party - Mole style
Reality TV Calendar 7/20/08 Episode 6 Recap: I Love You Chocolate Bear
Reality Shack  7/18/08  The Mole Season 5, Episode 6 & Clip Show – It's Bungee Time!
Reality News Online 7/18/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 6: Back and Forth
Fans of Reality TV 7/17/08 Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 6
BuddyTV 7/16/08 The Mole 5: Episode 6 Recap
Zap2It 7/14/08 'The Mole': How about another drink?
Reality TV Magazine 7/15/08: The Mole: Playing Dangerously
Reality News Online 7/15/08 The Mole 5, Episode 6: Of Wine and Whiners
Reality News Online 7/15/08 The Mole 5’s Recap Episode: Taking a Look Back
Reality TV Calendar 7/14/08 “Your Whole Life Is A Hypocrite!”
Celebrity Spider 7/10/08 The Mole: Highlights From The First Five Episodes, Next Week On ABC
Reality News Online 7/7/08 The Mole 5: If I Were The Mole, Episode 5
RealityShack  7/6/08  The Mole Season 5, Episode 5 – The Man Is A Llama's Ass
TV FunSpot 7/6/08 I'm the MOLE! - Episode 5: The Players Get Some Pride; Afterwards, Kristen's Fried!
Reality TV Calendar 7/5/08 My Parents Will Think I知 An Alcoholic! Episode 4 Recap
Fans of Reality TV 7/5/08 Recap: The Best Ass of a Llama Ever!
Reality TV World 7/3/08 Exclusive: Kristen Willeumier dishes on her 'The Mole' experience
Reality TV Fans 7/3/08 The Mole Recap - Screw You, Exemption Boy!
Reality News Online 7/3/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 5: Llama, Llama, DUCK!
Reality TV World 7/2/08 Exclusive: Victoria Garza talks about her 'The Mole' adventure
Fans of Reality TV 7/2/08 Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 5
Reality TV World 7/1/08 Kristen Willeumier becomes the sixth player ousted from 'The Mole' 7/1/08  The Mole: Paul-Free in Van #2
Reality News Online 7/1/08 The Mole 5, Episode 5: “Screw You, Exemption Boy!”
BuddyTV 6/30/08 The Mole 5: Episode 5 Recap
Reality News Online 6/30/08 The Mole 5: If I Were The Mole, Episode 4
Zap2It 6/30/08 'The Mole': Lemon-throwing and llamas
TV FunSpot 6/28/08 I'm the Mole! - Episode 4: Craig Becomes Severely Ill, Nicole Needs to Take a Pill
RealityShack  6/27/08  The Mole, Season 5 Episode 4 - This Show's Ratings Are Lower Than A Hockey Game
Reality News Online 6/27/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 4: Back to the Drawing Board
Reality TV Fans 6/26/08 The Mole Recap - Making a Mountain Out Of A Mole Hell
Reality TV World 6/24/08 Victoria Garza becomes the fifth player executed from 'The Mole'
Fans of Reality TV 6/23/2008 Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 4
Fans of Reality TV 6/23/2008 Recap : Going for Gold in the Andes and Getting Burned
Reality News Online 6/24/08 The Mole 5, Episode 4: Mountain Mole 6/24/08  The Mole:  In Thin Air
Reality TV Magazine 6/24/08: The Mole: Gets Burned!
BuddyTV 6/23/08 The Mole 5: Episode 4 Recap
Celebrity Spider 6/23/08 The Mole: 8 Remain For Grand Prize Tonight on ABC
Reality News Online 6/23/08 The Mole 5: If I Were The Mole, Episode 3
Reality News Online 6/23/08 Mole Hunters, Episodes 1-3: Holy Moley!
Zap2It 6/23/08 'The Mole' elevates the game
Reality TV Magazine 6/22/08: What Is Going To Happen On The Mole
TV FunSpot 6/22/08 I'm the MOLE! - Episode 3: Paul Shouts and Ali's a Sell Out
Reality TV Magazine 6/20/08: What Is Going To Happen On The Mole

RealityShack  6/20/08  The Mole, Season 5, Episode 3 – The Dinner From Hell

Always Reality Television 6/19/2008 Mole Me Naked to Dinner – Mole 6/16 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 6/19/08 Recap : Chocolate Drippings and Nekkid People, Oh My!
Reality TV Calendar 6/19/08 The Mole You Need To Eat A Little Bit Of Food Over There Episode Three recap

Reality TV Fans 6/19/08 The Mole Recap - When Are Two Green Apples Not a Pair? When They’re An Avocado!

BuddyTV 6/18/08 Will 'The Mole' Face Cancellation a Second Time?
Reality News Online 6/18/08 The Mole 5, The Usual Suspects, Episode 3: Killing Them With Kindness
Reality TV World 6/18/08 Exclusive: Ali Sonoma dishes about 'The Mole' and quitting for cash
Fans of Reality TV 6/18/08: FORT Smack-A-Mole Week 3
Reality TV World 6/18/08 Exclusive: Bobby O'Donnell talks about his 'The Mole' experience
Reality TV World 6/17/08 'The Mole's fifth season eliminates Bobby after Ali quits for cash

Reality TV Magazine 6/17/08: The Mole: Exposed! 6/17/08  The Mole: Hero to Zero & Back Again
Reality News Online 6/17/08 The Mole 5, Episode 3: The Pied Booty Shorts of Santiago
IGN 6/17/08 The Mole: "Episode 503" Review
BuddyTV 6/16/08 The Mole 5: Episode 3 Recap
Celebrity Spider 6/16/08 The Mole: It's A Little Cold Tonight on ABC
Reality News Online 6/16/08 The Mole 5: If I Were The Mole, Episode 2
Reality News Online 6/16/08 The Mole 5, Episodes 1 and 2 – The Usual Suspects: Don’t Make it Too Obvious
Zap2It 6/16/08 'The Mole' slips on its birthday suit
TV FunSpot 6/14/08 "I'm the MOLE!" - Episode 2: Paul vs. Bobby - The ‘No One Freaking Cares’ War
TV FunSpot 6/12/08 With Grandma Gone, Who's Going to Babysit Bobby?
Reality TV Calendar 6/12/08 The Mole I'm Going To Kill You While You Sleep
BuddyTV 6/11/08 'The Mole' Host Gives an Insider Scoop on the Fifth Season Contenders
Reality TV World 6/11/08 Exclusive: Liz Cain talks about her fifth-season 'The Mole' experience
RealityShack  6/11/08  The Mole Season 5, Episode 2 - I'm Gonna Kill You In Your Sleep
BuddyTV 6/10/08 The Mole 5: Episode 2 Recap
Fans of Reality TV 6/10/08 Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 2
Fans of Reality TV 6/10/08 Recap: When Bacon Flies
Reality TV World 6/10/08 Liz becomes the second fifth-season 'The Mole' player executed

Reality TV Magazine 6/10/08: The Mole: When Pigs Fly! 6/10/08 The Mole: Bring Home The Bacon

Reality News Online 6/10/08 The Mole 5, Episode 2: When Pigs Fly

IGN 6/10/08 The Mole: "Episode 502" Review
Reality TV Calendar 6/9/08 The Mole I Only Have to Stay Black and Die
Reality TV Fans 6/9/08 To Win "The Mole" It's All About The Quizzes
Reality News Online 6/9/08 The Mole 5: If I Were The Mole, Episode 1
Zap2It 6/9/08 'The Mole': Pigs in a blanket
TV FunSpot 6/7/08 I'm the MOLE! - Episode 1: Mom's Gone, Now It's On!

Reality TV Magazine 6/5/08 The Mole Season Premiere

Fans of Reality TV 6/5/08 Recap: The Lady in Red
BuddyTV 6/4/08 Marcie Ciscel Looks Back on Her Experiences on 'The Mole'
Celebrity Spider 6/4/08 First 'Execution' On The Mole Who's Next, Next Week On ABC
Always Reality Television 6/4/2008 Mole Me Over the Waterfall
TV FunSpot 6/4/08 The Mom is Not the Mole, but the Doctor is a Bitch!

whatshotontv 6/3/08 The Mole, The Paranoia Begins
BuddyTV 6/3/08 The Mole: Season 5 Premiere Recap
RealityShack 6/3/08 The Mole Season 5, Premiere – Being an Attorney, I Don't Jump Waterfalls
Reality News Online 6/3/08 The Mole 5, Episode 1: Paging Dr. Whiner!
Reality TV World 6/3/08 Marcie Ciscel becomes the first 'The Mole' fifth-season player executed
Reality TV World 6/3/08 Exclusive: Marcie Ciscel talks about her brief 'The Mole' journey
Fans of Reality TV 6/03/08 FORT Smack-A-Mole Column - Week 1 6/3/08  Dr. Whiner 6/2/08 Ellen Gray: 'The Mole' resurfaces on ABC
MSNBC 6/2/08 Can ‘Mole's’ return live up to fans' memories?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 6/2/08 Tuned In Journal: 'The Mole' re-emerges
Deseret News 6/2/08 ABC revives 'Mole'
Zap2It 6/2/08 PremiereWatch: 'The Mole'

Detroit Free Press 6/2/08 'The Mole' all about adventure, sabotage

TV FunSpot 5/31/08 I'm the MOLE! - First Meetings
whatshotontv  5/31/08  The Mole - It’s Baa-aack!

Fans of Reality TV 5/30/08 Preview: FORT Smack-A-Mole Column
Reality TV World 5/29/08 Exclusive: Host Jon Kelley dishes on 'The Mole' fifth-season cast
Reality News Online 5/30/08 ‘The Mole’ Returns Monday – Can You Find the Mole?
Reality TV World 5/28/08 Exclusive: New 'The Mole' host Jon Kelley talks about the fifth season
BuddyTV 5/27/08 Which of These 12 is 'The Mole'?
Celebrity Spider 5/27/08 The Mole: The Hunt Is On Next Week On ABC
Zap2It 5/22/08 Meet 'The Mole' and 11 Other Players
BuddyTV 5/20/08 'The Mole' Returns June 2 after Four-Year Absence

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/08 The Mole About the Show Bio's
Reality TV World 5/5/08 ABC bumps 'The Mole' revival debut to June 2, reveals first four players

Variety 3/30/08 ABC digs up 'Mole' host

Reality TV Links 1/19/08 Casting Call - The Mole

Reality News Online 1/16/08 The Mole is Coming Back

Celebrity Spider 1/9/08 The Mole Returns to ABC

Variety 1/7/08 ABC bringing back 'The Mole'

Whidbey News Times 12/20/07 Doctor plays a mole, but only on TV

Shopping News 2/18/05 The Mole Season 1 DVD will be Release March 8th

Reality TV World 9/22/04 'Celebrity Mole: Yucatan' wins Outstanding Enhanced Television Emmy

Reality News Online 8/14/04 “I Don’t Think I Avoided Suspicion at All!" – An Interview with The Mole 2's Bill McDaniel

Digitally Obsessed 5/30/04 Who Is The Mole?: A Post-Game Chat With Corbin Bernsen

Bayou Buzz 5/24/04 Anderson Cooper To Emcee New Orleans Press Club Event

Reality News Online 3/23/04 Looking Back at ‘The Mole’: Mole Catching 101

Reality Reel Media 2/28/04 It’s Not Mark Curry!

Television Without Pity 2/23/04 One More Winner, One More Loser, And One More Mole

Reality News Online 2/23/04 A Model Mole: Who Is Not the Mole? – Episode 7

Reality TV World 2/22/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Finale summary

Digital Spy 2/21/04 'The Mole' axed in US

Reality TV World 2/21/04 ABC passes on 'The Mole', series being shopped to other networks

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/04 Episode 7, Finale: The Dim-Witted Puppeteer

Coming Soon 2/20/04 ABC's The Mole Becomes a Free Agent

Reality Reel 2/19/04 The Mole Revealed

Reality TV World 2/19/04 Angie Everhart revealed as 'Celebrity Mole Yucatan' mole...

Reality News Online 2/19/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan, Episode 7: That’s Episode 7. S-E-V-E-N.

The Trades 2/19/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan: Finale: Angie, We hardly knew ya

Reality News Online 2/18/04 RNO Roundtable: Who is the Yucatan Celebrity Mole?

Television Without Pity 2/16/04 Three More Celebrities, Continued

Reality News Online 2/16/04 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 6

Reality TV World 2/16/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 2/13/04 A Fun-tastic Flashback: Who Is Not the Mole? – Episode 6

Reality News Online 2/12/04 Episode 6: All for One and Every Man for Himself

Reality TV World 2/10/04 GSN cable network acquires rights to previous 'The Mole' series

Reality News Online 2/9/04 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 5

Television Without Pity 2/8/04 Three More Celebrities

Reality Reel 2/7/04 The Pains Keep Growing

Fans Of Reality TV 2/6/04 Celebrity Mole: Yucatan. 2/4 Recap -- "Up the Noses of the World"

Reality News Online 2/6/04 A Dangerous Donkey: Who Is Not the Mole? – Episode 5

The Trades 2/5/04 Celebrity Mole: Yucatan-Episode 4: An Ass of a Game

Reality News Online 2/5/04 Episode 5: Don’t Know Much About the French I Took

Television Without Pity 2/3/04 Four More Celebrities

Reality Reel 02/02/04 Who Is The Mole? Another Player Executed Last Week

Fans Of Reality TV 2/02/04 1/28 Recap--"Still Life with Mick Jagger on Drugs"

Reality News Online 2/2/04 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 4

Reality Reel 02/02/04 Who Is The Mole? Another Player Executed Last Week

Fans Of Reality TV 2/02/04 1/28 Recap--"Still Life with Mick Jagger on Drugs"

Reality News Online 2/2/04 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 4

Reality Reel 2/1/04 The Return Of The Losers

Reality TV World 1/31/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 1/30/04 A Picture-Perfect Pelting: Who Is Not the Mole? – Episode 4

Reality News Online 1/29/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan, Episode 4: As the Worm Turns

The Trades 1/29/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan-Episode 4

Elites TV 1/27/04 Our Most Shocking Execution Yet!

Reality News Online 1/27/04 Celebrity Mole Hawaii Coming on DVD

Television Without Pity 1/27/04 Five More Celebrities

Reality Reel 1/26/04 Lying, Deception and Scheming

Reality TV World 1/26/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Episode 3 summary

Reality News Online 1/26/04 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 3

Reality Reel 1/24/04 The Quest For The Mole Continues

Reality News Online 1/23/04 A Manic Mariachi Maze: Who Is Not the Mole?

Fans of Reality TV 1/23/04 Episode 3: Goodbye, Cruel Chicken-Haters!

The Trades 1/22/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan: Episode 3: It’s 3AM: Do you know where the Mole is?

ESPN 1/22/04 10 Burning Questions - Dennis Rodman

Reality News Online 1/22/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan, Episode 3: Tastes Just Like Chicken

Reality News Online 1/21/04 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 2

Television Without Pity 1/19/04 Six More Celebrities

Reality Reel 1/18/04 A New Season But Who Is The Mole?

Reality TV World 1/17/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Episode 2 summary

Reality Reel 1/17/04 Celebrity Mole, Episode Two

Reality Reel 1/17/04 The Mole Strikes Again

Reality TV World 1/17/04 Second 'Celebrity Mole' episode soars in ratings, draws 9.2 million viewers

Fans Of Reality TV 1/16/04 Whack-A-Mole

Reality News Online 1/16/04 A Piñata Part-ay: Who Is Not The Mole? – Episode 2

The Trades 1/15/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan: Episode II: 8 Celebrities, 8 Little Sissies

Reality News Online 1/15/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan, Episode 2: When Pigs Fly

Reality TV World 1/14/04 Sans 'Bachelorette" lead-in, 'Celebrity Mole Yucatan' premiere struggles

Reality News Online 1/13/03 If I Were the Yucatan Celebrity Mole, Episode 1

Television Without Pity 1/12/04 Seven More Celebrities

Elites TV 1/12/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan

Reality News Online 1/12/03 A Fake Phallus – Who Is Not the Mole? – Episode 1

Reality TV World 1/11/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan - Episode 1 summary

Reality News Online 1/9/04 Who Is the Yucatan Celebrity Mole? – Week 1

Reality Reel 1/9/04 We Hardly Knew You: The Mole’s First Execution

The Trades 1/8/04 The Real Thang

Travel Video 1/8/04 Top-Notch Reality TV - ABC's Celebrity Mole Yucatan

Fans of Reality TV 1/8/03 Episode 1, Mooning the Yucatan

Reality News Online 1/8/04 Episode 1: Who Are We and What Are We Doing Here?

Extra 1/7/04 'Celebrity Mole'

Media Life 1/7/04 So bad it's still bad, 'Celebrity Mole'

Washington Times 1/7/04 Bernsen's inner 'Mole'

Beacon Journal 1/7/04 `Surreal Mole' returns to tube

NY Daily News 1/6/04 Curry says he dug celeb 'Mole' role

Reality Reel 1/5/04 Pre-Game: Moley, Moley, Mole...

Denver Post 1/5/04 Celebrities on 'Mole' only celebs in a sense

USA Today 1/5/04 I used to be a celebrity — get me on reality TV!

Reality Reel 1/1/04 Celebrity Mole Yucatan Premieres January 7th

Reality News Online 12/30/03 Fun Facts About the ‘Celebrity Mole Yucatan’ Players

Reality News Online 12/16/03 Who Are the Celebrity Mole Yucatan Contestants?

Reality TV World 12/12/03 'Celebrity Mole Yucatan' premiere moved up to January 7 on ABC

Reality News Online 12/11/03 Get Ready for ‘Celebrity Mole Yucatan,’ Starting January 7

Digital Spy 12/2/03 ABC sets 'Celebrity Mole' premiere date

Reality TV World 11/17/03 'Celebrity Mole Yucatan' to premiere January 14 on ABC

Coming Soon 11/16/03 Karen Sisco Pulled to Make Room for Celebrity Mole

Zap2It 11/14/03 ABC Shelves 'Sisco,' Bets on 'Bachelorette'

The Packet 7/29/03 Longtime Plainsboro administrator to leave post 7/3/03 Nude photos get gay Senate candidate noticed


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