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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about CBS Network's Big Brother 14 show

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About Big Brother 14


Big Brother 14 features 12 "houseguests" that agree to live with one another for several months while being filmed 24/7 and being broadcast on Internet live feeds. After various competitions and reward challenges, each week one houseguest wins the Head of Household and must nominate two fellow houseguests for eviction.  The remaining contestants vote and each week one person is evicted from the Big Brother house until one winner remains.  In a twist four previous housemates are designated coaches for the newbies and win a prize if their newbie wins in the end.


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News Articles about CBS Networks Big Brother 14


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Big Brother 247 9/21/12 Big Brother – Jeff Schroeder Sits Down With Big Brother Winner Ian Terry

People 9/21/12 Big Brother Winner Ian Terry: Dan Would Not Have Taken Me

Big Brother 247 9/20/12 Big Brother 14 – Backyard Interview: Dan

Big Brother 247 9/20/12 Big Brother 14 – Backyard Interview: Ian

Reality TV Fans 9/20/12 Beyond Reality – Big Brother 14 Finale Episode 30 9/19/12

Reality TV Calendar 9/20/12 Did CBS Give America's Choice To Frank? Big Sister Report and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 9/20/12 Science Boy Defeats The Evil Genius - Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary

TV FunSpot 9/20/12 Thank God I Don‘t Have To Write About This Crapfest Anymore! Quack, Quack

Zap2It 9/20/12 'Big Brother 14' winner Ian Terry 'pretty disgusted' by Dan's play, but no hard feelings


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Big Brother 14 Contestants


Ashley Iocco x Joe Arvin x
Danielle Murphree  HoH JoJo Spatafora x
Frank Eudy  x Kara Monaco x
Ian Terry Shane Meaney  
Jenn Arroyo x Wil Heuser x
Jodi Rollins x Willie Hantz removed from game


Big Brother 14 Coaches


Britney Haynes x Dan Gheesling
Janelle Pierzina x Mike Malin x

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