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Reality TV Calendar 6/15/09 Hamster History: The Dumbest Move Ever In The House

CBS2 4/13/08 Sexy Erika Landin (BB4, All-Stars) Was No Victim

CBS 2/12/08 Where Are They Now? BB4 Stud Justin Giovinco 1/21/08 Interview with Erika Landin from Big Brother 4 and Big Brother All Stars

Reality TV Calendar 6/27/07 Preseason Coverage: Flashback - Season Four

Jokers Updates 5/30/06 Justin Giovinco BB4: What's Goin' On?

Reality TV Calendar 7/4/04 Alison Irwin Interview

Zap2It 6/9/04 'Big Brother' Loser Leads 'Amazing Race' Cast

NEPA News 4/3/04 Ex-Crawford County beauty queen to appear on another 'reality' show

Digital Spy 4/3/04 'Big Brother,' 'Amazing Race' airdates set

Reality TV World 4/2/04 CBS' 'The Amazing Race 5' to 7/6... and feature a 'Big Brother 4' castmember

Coming Soon 4/2/04 CBS is Pairing Big Brother & The Amazing Race

Big Brother Updates 12/9/03 Interview with BB4's Justin Giovinco

Reality Stars 12/4/03 Interview with Dana Varela, Big Brother 4

Boca Raton News 12/1/03 Youngest ‘Big Brother’ cast member tells her story 11/6/03 Interview with Erika Landin

Big Brother  Updates 10/30/03 Interview with Big Brother 4's Erika Landin

Jokers Updates 10/28/03 Chat with Erika Landin from Big Brother 4

Big Brother Updates 10/24/03 Interview with Big Brother 4's David Lane

Jokers Updates 10/23/03 Chat with David Lane from Big Brother 4

Reality TV World 10/14/03 Eleven former 'BB' houseguests to guest star on 10/20th 'Yes, Dear'

TV Barn 10/7/03 "Yes, Dear" resorts to "Big Brother" storyline

Reality TV World 10/1/03 Former 'Big Brother' contestants to appear on CBS's 'Yes, Dear'

Reality TV World 9/29/03 Big Brother 4 - Finale Episode summary

Coming Soon 9/28/03 CBS Planning Big Brother Reunion

Reality Reel 9/28/03 Big Brother 9/24: A Finale Recap


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