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Colton Cumbie is from Monroeville, Alabama. He is 21 and is a student. He wanted to be on Survivor because he wants to play the game with all the strategies and challenges. He doesn't believe he will win, he knows he will win. He thinks he will be the sole Survivor because he is confident, hilarious, athletic, good looking, and he has good teeth.

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News Articles about Survivor: One World contestant Colton Cumbie  


Zap2It 6/25/14 'Survivor's' Caleb Bankston, Colton Cumbie's fiance, killed in a railway accident

People 6/24/14 Survivor Contestant Caleb Bankston Dies in Railway Accident

Zap2It 12/9/13 'Survivor's' Caleb Bankston: Colton and I are getting married next October

Zap2It 12/8/13 Caleb Bankston Explains His Relationship with Survivor Villain Colton Cumbie

Reality TV Magazine 12/5/13 Exclusive: Survivor Interview — Caleb Bankston Says He & Colton Cumbie Are Getting Married

Reality TV Fans 10/5/13 Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Colton The Day After

HitFix 10/4/13 Interview: Colton Cumbie discusses quitting 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water'

Survivor Fans Podcast 10/3/13 Audio Interview with Rachel Foulger and Colton Cumbie

Reality TV Magazine 10/3/13 ‘Survivor: Blood Vs Water’ Becomes ‘Survivor: Jeff Probst Vs Colton Cumbie’

Reality TV Magazine 10/3/13 Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Interview — Colton Cumbie Fires Back At Jeff Probst

Reality TV Calendar 10/3/13 Colton Quits, The World Celebrates - Yell at Your TV Recap and Commentary

Entertainment Weekly 10/3/13 InsideTV Podcast: Colton claims he did Not quit 'Survivor' twice

Zap2It 10/3/13 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water's' Rachel Foulger was 'shocked' at Colton quitting the game

Zap2It 10/3/13 'Survivor's' Colton Cumbie quit the game 'to benefit Caleb'

Entertainment Weekly 10/3/13 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Jeff P says 'we couldn't blame Colton without also blaming ourselves'

Entertainment Weekly 10/2/13 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Jeff Probst simply goes Off on Colton

Entertainment Weeky 9/26/13 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Jeff Probst says 'I could have done the season without' Colton

Birmingham News 9/16/13 Alabama's Colton Cumbie returning to 'Survivor' with a new game plan -- and his future husband

Entertainment Weekly 9/10/13 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Colton talks about being 'filled with hate and anger'

Reality TV Calendar 9/9/13 Meet Colton and Caleb - Stimpy's Take 8/22/13 Monroeville's Colton Cumbie, past 'Survivor' villain, to return in show's new season (with videos)

Zap2It 5/13/12 'Survivor: One World' reunion: Colton Cumbie gets a shot at redemption and blows it

New Zealand Herald 4/26/12 'He needs to watch his back' - Survivor's first little person hits out at bully

New Zealand Herald 3/29/12 Sick Survivor villain Colton loves Shorties

NY Daily News 3/23/12 ‘Survivor: One World’s’ Colton Cumbie says mother received death threats over show

People 3/23/12 Survivor's Colton Cumbie Says He's Received Death Threats

Survivor Fans Podcast 3/22/12 Audio Interview with Colton Cumbie

Reality News Online 3/22/12 Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One World’s Colton

MTV 3/22/12 'Survivor: One World' Super-Villain Has A Medical Emergency

Digital Spy 3/22/12 'Survivor' Colton Cumbie talks health scare, game play, bad behavior

E!Online 3/22/12 Survivor's Colton Cumbie Reveals He Did Not Have Appendicitis, and His Master (Evil?) Plan

Zap2It 3/22/12 'Survivor: One World's' Colton Cumbie realizes that karma got him

CBS 3/22/12 Colton: One of the best "Survivor" villains ever?

Zap2It 3/22/12 'Survivor: One World': That's how Colton Cumbie goes out?

Entertainment Weekly 3/22/12 'Survivor' recap: Colton, Meet Karma

NY Daily News 3/22/12 Week 6 recap: King Colton’s reign crumbles, Alicia and Christina’s true colors show

BuddyTV 3/21/12 'Survivor' Recap: Colton (Finally) Betrayed ... by Own Appendix 3/21/12 'Survivor: One World': Illness takes Colton Cumbie out of the game

New Zealand Herald 3/16/12 'He hasn't worked a day in his life' - Survivor star slams 'villain' Colton 3/14/12 Colton Cumbie lands on his feet after 'Survivor: One World' reshuffles deck

People 3/11/12 Survivor's Bill Posley Calls Colton a 'Spoiled Brat'

BuddyTV 3/8/12 Why Colton on 'Survivor: One World' is the Worst Person Ever

Entertainment Weekly 3/8/12 InsideTV Podcast: Is Colton the most despicable 'Survivor' contestant ever? Ousted Bill weighs in.

Zap2It 3/8/12 'Survivor: One World's' Bill Posley: Colton's reality 'is so warped'

Zap2It 3/8/12 'Survivor: One World': Colton is an out-of-control monster

MSNBC 3/8/12 'Survivor' shocker: Colton convinces the men to volunteer for tribal council 3/7/12 'Survivor: One World': Monroeville's Colton Cumbie emerges as villain

People 3/3/12 Survivor's Matt: It's Easy to Hate Colton

MSNBC 3/1/12 'Survivor' castaways have a new sovereign leader: 'Queen' Colton 2/29/12 Colton Cumbie makes first show of force on 'Survivor: One World'

Reality News Online 2/29/12 One World, Episode 2 Missing Intelligence Award – Colton Cumbie, Will You Please Go Now?

Reality TV Fans 2/26/12 Survivor: One World – The Colton Effect

Reality TV Calendar 2/25/12 Colton Cumbie, Worst Player Ever? - Report and Commentary

People 2/23/12 Survivor: Colton Creates an Alliance and Alienates Everyone

NY Daily News 2/23/12 ‘Survivor: One World’ week 2 recap: Salani women can’t hold it together, Colton stirs up trouble 2/22/12 On 'Survivor: One World,' women flounder while Cumbie builds alliance

Press-Register 2/15/12 Monroeville's Colton Cumbie stands out on 'Survivor: One World'

WKRG-TV 2/15/12 Monroeville Man Debuts on Survivor 2/14/12 Expect twists in 'Survivor: One World,' says Monroeville's Colton Cumbie

Reality TV Calendar 2/1/12 Colton Cumbie - Stimpy's Take, Interview, Bio And More

Reality TV Fans 1/19/12 CBS Announces the 18 Castaways for “Survivor: One World”

Birmingham News 1/19/12 Monroeville-area man in cast of upcoming 'Survivor: One World'

BuddyTV 1/18/12 Meet the Castaways of 'Survivor: One World'

Zap2It 1/18/12 'Survivor: One World' cast revealed: Ex-NFL player's wife, swimsuit photographer and more

E!Online 1/18/12 Survivor: One World Cast Revealed: Battle of the Sexes, Beach Party Edition

Entertainment Weekly 1/18/12 'Survivor: One World': New cast and new twists revealed


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