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The Real World: Ex-Plosion (also known as The Real World: San Francisco) is the twenty-ninth season of MTV's reality television series. This season is also getting the first huge format change. The 7 roommates will move into their San Francisco home, make relationships with one another and also with the San Francisco locals. A month into the show, the cast will go on a one day trip. When they get back, they will come to see that their exes have moved in as well (hence the subtitle Ex-Plosion). Even though there's 7 roommates, only 5 exes agreed to move in, which will increase the cast number from 7 to 12. 


News Articles about MTV Networks The Real World - Ex-Plosion


Zap2It 4/10/14 'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' Reunion: Which roommates are still together? Who broke up?

Zap2It 4/2/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' finale sneak peek: Watch the roommates celebrate their last night

Zap2It 3/19/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' episode 10 sneak peek: Thomas tells Hailey to pack her bags - Watch

Zap2It 3/12/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' episode 9 sneak peek: Hailey drunk dances on Tom ... in front of Jamie

Zap2It 3/5/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' episode 8 sneak peek: Jenny and Brian get physical ... and not in a good way

Zap2It 2/27/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' cast member Jenny 'shocked, disappointed' by Brian's infidelity: 'He's a liar'

Zap2It 2/26/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' cast member Arielle discusses the house trans conversation

Zap2It 2/19/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' cast member Cory on Lauren's pregnancy: 'I've had enough drama'

Zap2It 2/19/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion': Watch exes Cory and Lauren get close again ... in the shower

Zap2It 2/5/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' first look: Watch Hailey and Lauren girl talk about their exes

Zap2It 1/29/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' first look: Watch the exes arrive to shake things up

Entertainment Weekly 1/28/14 'Real World': See the moment the exes show up

TV Guide 1/21/14 Keck's Exclusives: Real World Housemate Walks Out

Zap2It 1/15/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' boss Jonathan Murray reveals casting this season was the toughest part

Entertainment Weekly 1/9/14 'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' react: MTV's most unreal season yet

Zap2It 1/8/14 'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' creator Jonathan Murray on the ex twist: 'We weren't sure we could pull it off'

LA Times 1/8/14 'Real World' boss Jon Murray talks keeping the aging show relevant

MTV 1/8/14 ‘Real World: Ex-Plosion’ Sneak Peek: Cory And Ashley’s Indiscreet Hookup Makes Jenny Jealous

Star Ledger 1/8/14 MTV's 'Real World: Ex-plosion' fires up usual drama with new concept

Zap2It 1/8/14 'Real World: Ex-Plosion:' Reality TV pioneer Jonathan Murray reveals why he's changing things up this season 1/7/14 MTV's 'The Real World: Ex-plosion' new season debuts with Grand Rapids cast members

San Francisco Chronicle 1/6/14 'The Real World: Ex-Plosion' review: In S.F., but not of it

Zap2It 1/6/14 'The Real World: Ex-Plosion': Meet the cast members ... and their exes

SFist 1/6/14 We've Seen Less Than Two Minutes Of 'Real World: Ex-Plosion' And It's Already A Disaster


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