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About Big Brother 8


Big Brother 8 features 14 "housemates" that agree to live with one another for several months while being filmed 24/7 and being broadcast on internet live feeds. After various competitions and reward challenges each week one housemate is voted out until one winner remains.  


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News Articles about CBS Networks Big Brother 8


People 10/29/14 Dick Donato: Reaction to My HIV Disclosure Has Been 'Overwhelmingly Positive'

Zap2It 10/1/14 'Couples Therapy': Evel Dick reveals HIV diagnosis, but is he lying about his girlfriend?

Daily Mail 10/1/14 'When they told me, I went numb': Big Brother's Dick Donato, 51, reveals he's been living with HIV for 3 years

E!Online 1/21/13 Big Brother Stars Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato Marry in Huntington Beach

People 1/20/13 Big Brother Alums Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones Marry

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/10 Exclusive Interview: Big Brother 8’s Evel Dick Donato

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/09 Hamster History: There Is Evel In The House
ContentQuake  12/16/08  Evel Dick Behind Bars?
BuddyTV 12/14/08 Big Brother: 'EvelDick Behind Bars' Coming Closer to TV 
Jokersupdates 7/15/08 Joker's Updates Live Radio Chat with BB8 Zach Swerdzewski - July 17th 10 EST/7 PST
BuddyTV 6/20/08 Big Brother: Where are They Now? - Season 8
Jokersupdates 6/7/08 Live Radio Chat with Big Brother 8 WINNER Evel Dick Donato 6/9

Buzz Killed 3/16/08 Big Brother 8’s Jen Johnson Most Likely Now Dating Nick Starcevic 2/20/08 The Dick Donato Diaries Part 2, An Interview With Evel Dick Winner Of Big Brother Season 8

Celebrity Spider 2/13/08 Big Brother 9 HoH Competition Hosted by Eric Stein & Jessica Hughbanks Tonight 2/8/08 The Dick Donato Diaries, An Interview With Evel Dick Winner Of Big Brother Season 8

Celebrity Spider 1/10/08 Sofia Loren Criticizes Big Brother

Jokersupdates 12/19/07 BB8 Zach Talks With Jokers 12/13/07 Catching Up With Eric, An Exclusive Interview With Eric Stein Of Big Brother 8

JokersUpdates 11/28/07 BB8 Mike Dutz Talks to Jokers

Reality Tv Talk 11/26/07 Big Brother 8: Interview With Kail

Windy City Times 11/14/07 Gay Chicagoan Braves Big Brother—and His Ex

Dayton Daily News 11/10/07 Edgy, imperfect Big Brother star draws upon her Christian beliefs

JokersUpdates 11/4/07 BB8 Jen Johnson Chats with Jokers Again 11/2/07 Interview With Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass

Reality TV Calendar 10/30/07 A Conversation With EvelDick -"Words have No Power!"


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